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Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse Retreat

Ho'omaemae I Ka Hiu'wai'ola O' Hawaii 
An Ancient Wisdom of Healing by the Waters of Life


Moku O Keawe
Big Island of Hawaii

E Komo Mai, (come and join us) in healing the entire Mind, Body and Spirit in a native Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse Retreat. Please keep in mind that this will be the first time that a retreat of this specific nature has been held here in Hawai'i. All Three Levels of Lapa'au Wisdoms will meet in the Center (Piko) of the Universe, here on the Big Island of Hawai'i. All those who come in Love and the Light of Lokahi are Welcome.

This retreat presents healing by "Tane I Ta Wai'ola" the "Waters of Life". This disease prevention and health wellness program is the traditional native Hawaiian approach to detoxification. It is a cleansing process and the elimination of built up toxins held in the mind, body and spirit. This retreat is excellent for the release of: pain, depression, stress syndrome, stomach disorders, opu huli, chronic back pain, headaches, migraines, chronic neck/shoulder pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, change of life. This excellent program for cleansing and detoxification re-builds the immune system and the releases past-life-burdens. The Sacred Healing Oils of the Universe for healing oneself at a cellular level in Lokahi will be introduced during this retreat.

You will learn to:
  • Rid the body of Old Opala held in the na'au (stomach walls) for years and which may be causing illnesses
  • Empower yourself with the Lapa'au Wisdom of the Ho'omaemae i ka Hi'uwai'ola (Cleansing by the Tane i ta wai 'ola) The Waters of Life. Restore Healing, Health and Well-Being
  • Give yourself the Gift of Life
  • Release old opala and restore a new wellness with the "Light of Lokahi Within"
  • Return to your Ohana (family), Communities, and native nations and empower your peoples of the Light of Healing in the Spirit of Aloha


Limited Enrollment:  Private and small group sessions.  Fees do not include housing, meals and ground travel. Participants must provide their own. Contact us for further information.

TREATMENT SESSIONS - Options available 

Private sessions with Kahuna Lapa'au & Ke Kumu'ola

Hawaiian La'au Lapa'au (herbal remedies), Ho'oponopono (conflict resolution), and LomiLomi Lapa'au (massage) will be available through requested private sessions. The Sacred Healing Oils of the Universe in Healing Oneself at a Cellular Level in Lokahi will be introduced during this retreat. Please Makana Aloha (gift/donate) native healers, and therapists directly. Mahalo.

The following private spiritual sessions are available by appointment:

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