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The History of Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Therapy

"E Ho'ola A Lahui I Ta Pu'uwai Ola 'O Hawai'i"
("Healing the Heartbeat of Hawai'i Nei")

Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au is Aloha - "the connection of the heart, hand
and soul with the source of all life." 

Ho'ola 'O LomiLomi Lapa'au Clinic 'O Hawai'i Presents: 

The Hale O Lono (House of Lono)
Alakai Mo'oLono 
Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Ke Kumu'ola (teacher)
Leina'ala K. Brown-Dombrigues
Ke Kumu Leina'ala was born into the legacy of the Kahuna Lapa'au La'au Kahea Ohana (family). Her mo'okuauhau generations come from La'au Kahea, (Healing by Touch). 

The spiritual knowledge of this highly revered art was kept primarily in Ke Kumu's family with her grandmother, Kahuna Lapa'au La'au Kahea TuTu Kalua, who then handed it down to her mother. TuTu Emma handed the spiritual knowledge to Ke Kumu's mother, who then handed the gifts down to 

 Ke Kumu'ola Leina'ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika'alaneo Brown-Dombrigues

"Before the sun rises my spirit will be borne from its watery shell back into the heavens of Ke Akua 'O Talani. I shall then become your aumakua."  Written by our Kupuna

The Ka wa kahiko, or old Hawaiian tupuna (grandparent) believed that, "As a good parent watches over her children and grandchildren while living on earth, so does the parent continue this role from the spirit world after passing out of flesh." The na tupuna (grandparents) taught for many generations that an aumakua (an ancestral spirit) is one who guards, guides, and inspires a beloved relative on earth." 

The tupuna taught us that when they leave this world, quote, "I shall watch over you from above and guide you righteously". The ancient kahuna lapa'au wisdoms are well protected, and continue to be passed down till today. 

The written history of Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au massage and its proper uses is very scant at best. Throughout the Polynesian islands and Hawai'i, this highly revered art was kept primarily a family occupation and was orally passed on. Spiritual knowledge was necessary to be a truly successful practitioner and only a chosen few were capable of understanding the reasons behind the healings. 

The village priests (or kahunas), would train the designated family successor over a period of years to be sure of his or her abilites and sincerity in becoming a healer. There are also stories of a method of the "Laying on of Hands" from the kahuna to the trainee, where the kahuna chanted ancient prayers that would infuse the student with the ability to feel the healing energies that he or she would be working with during lomilomi massage treatments. 

Kahuna lapa'au taught an apprentice the anatomy of the human form with the ancient art of using some 480 white, red, and black pebbles arranged in the shape of a man, representing some 280 diseases. 


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