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Ho'ola 'O LomiLomi Lapa'au Clinic

Treatments & Services that we provide by appointments, private and in groups of 2-3.

E Komo Mai! A Day of healing, An unparalleled opportunity to experience indescribable healing. Our Day of Hawaiian Healing works on ultimate levels of Wisdom past down from the Aumakua Ancestors.

Mo'o Lono Ke Kumu'ola Leina'ala K. Brown-Dombrigues, is a native Hawaiian Kanaka Mauli Lapa'au Practitioner and L.M.T. Therapist. She works with individuals in Counciling, Cleansing, and Native Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au, Therapy & Treatments.

Papa 'ILI 'ILI Treatments
Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au: A full mind, body and spiritual treatment, an experience of traditional native massage therapy. Medical Intuition Phenomenal Hands-On Methods. Enhancing mind power to heal. Sacred Wisdoms Past Advanced Healing Touch.

Enhance yourself by Learning how to restore Mana (personal power) energy, which escapes us daily. How to hold on to your Mana (personal power). Advanced Healing Methods, Sacred Wisdoms Past. Connecting to Higher Powers.

Applied Behavioral Kinesiology

Private & Small Group Workshop Sessions Aura Reading, Preventive Medicine: Medicinal recipes.

Private & Small Group Workshop Sessions
Our Sessions, teach individuals how to Identify Underlying emotional
causes of diseases.

Medical Intuition

Phenomenal Hands-On Methods.Enhancing mind power to heal. Sacred Wisdoms Past:Advanced Healing Touch. Connecting to Higher Powers.


CCMBA: Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment. Secrets of how to release past life "opala" at a Cellular Dimensional level. Learn to identify who you are and where you came from.

Treatments: CCSMC -Complete Cellular Soul Memory Clearing. Phenomenal Hands-On Methods. Accelerated Soul Retrieval.

Vibrational Medicine
Complete Mind body Alignment To Know thy Self, build Self Esteem, and heal your self of old past Opala

Ho'oponopono Counseling

To identify who you are, where you came from Your true purpose in
life here now.

You'll be Amazed.The Medicine is Inside of You! You'll Learn How to Use these Gifts & Heal Yourself. "To Know thy Self, Build Self Esteem, and Heal yourself is "Ke Akua 'O Talani" (God's) Greatest Gift in Nature"

Ho'ola 'O LomiLomi Lapa'au Clinic
Lapa'au Clinic: (808) 961-3118
P.O. Box 6202 Hilo, Hawai'i 96720

Email Appointment Request: LokahiLapaauHi@webtv.net

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