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Hawaiian History and Culture

Ancient Kahuna Lapa'au O Hawaii

Many hundreds of Hawaiians with the Kahuna Lapa'au wisdoms went to their graves with broken spirits, hearts laden with sadness because they could not practice the lapa'au healing practices of tahuna high temple priests and their tupuna elders - all of which was hidden in the mo'oku'auhau (geneology) of the family.

Over a century ago, in 1874, King David Kalaukaua summoned from the various islands their few remaining accomplished tahuna and invited them to attend an Aha Conference at the Iolani Palace. High temple priests who were skilled in the arts of divination, philosophers, historians, geneologists and doctors of medicine who knew the arts of pure spiritual healing were among those summoned. The tahuna had no written language as what we have today. The King wished to record their knowledge, which had been passed down orally to the priesthood from generation to generation for centuries, but which had never been recorded in writing. The tahuna possessed the keys to the secrets and the King wanted to preserve their ancient wisdom, lest it be forever lost.

The Ka Leo Na Kahuna Lapa'au O Hawaii - Hale O Lono are the keepers of these keys. They possess the oral and written wisdom which has been handed down through the tahuna hight temple priests and the Hawaiian god Lono. They are the gate keepers for the tahuna high temple priests and tupuna elders. These highly specialized experts in ho'oponopono, papa il'iili, la'au kahea, la'au lapaau, ho'omana maiola and lomilomi lapa'au believe that each element of nature, plant, earth, air, fire, water, sea, sun, moon, etc. holds mana. And hidden was the tahuna experts' knowledge of all nature's plants and minerals of the human body, of the psyche and most important, the spiritual aspects of heart and soul held in all life.

Today most of the ancient knowledge of the tahuna have been hidden with the high temple priests. Only a few tahuna lapa'au masters of healing arts practice the knowledge of the ancestral wisdom of the tahuna. Tahuna must born of the 'aina, of the birth right and blessed by acknowledged tahuna on the sacred heiau temples in Hawaii, in the presence of the ancestors, to be able to carry on the sacred knowledge, lapa'au practice and spiritual papa hana i ka poe O Hawaii.

Note: Tahuna was used in ancient times. Kahuna is the modern day pronunciation.

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