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Native Hawaiian Center for Excellence in Lapa'au wisdom and
Healing Arts O' Hawai'i
Healing Arts & Culture O Hawai'i

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This program meets the educational guidelines set by the State of Hawaii State Board of Massage Therapy (HSBMT), including HSBMT approved classes, and is approved for continuing education with HSBMT.

The 750 hour program includes 100 hours training (Level III described below) beyond the State of Hawai'i's requirements for licensed Hawaiian LomiLomi massage therapists. AND all students are required to simultaneously complete the Associates Degree program in Lapa'au offered through the Hawaiian Community College, Hilo.

Prerequisites: (Optional)
These courses may be taken at Hawaiian Community College (HCC) or University of Hawai'I at Hilo (UHH)

· Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, Basic Science for Occupation
· Introduction to Hawaiian Culture
· Hawaiian Language
· Business Management and Marketing for Occupation 101

Core Courses
Level I – 200 hours
· Advanced Anatomy and Physiology - Ho'ola O LomiLomi Lapa'au Clinic (HLLC), HCC or UHH
· Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, and assage - HLLC
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au History, theory, and Practice Level I, 101 – HLLC
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Theory and Practice Level II, 202 – HLLC

Level II – 450 hours
Advanced Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Theory and Practice Level III, 301 – HLLC
Diet and Nutrition 101 - HLLC
Diet and Nutrition 201 – HLLC
Apprenticeship Program approved by the State of Hawaii.

Level III – 100 hours
· Advanced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Lapa'au Physical Therapy and Clinic Therapy for Occupation, Level IV, 401 - HLLC
· Business management & Marketing for Occupation 102 – HLLC
· 100 hours: Advanced Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au, La'au Lapa'au and Ho'oponopono Skills – HLLC and Ka Leo ‘O Na Kahuna Lapa'au ‘O Hawai'i Neil – Hale ‘O Lono
Students are required to work on other individuals for a total of 100 hours and 250 hours on patients/clients. Students must also obtain at least ten massages from Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au body workers or License Massage Therapists (LMTs)

To graduate from HLLC students must pass a three-part exam consisting of
1) a written exam
2) a one-hour practical exam, and
3) a one-hour oral exam

Upon graduation HLLC students are fully prepared to take and pass the State of Hawaii's licensing exam for Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Massage Therapists.

HLLC Classes includes:
· Anatomy & Physiology
· Business Practices
· Client Relationship and Stress Management
· Diet and Nutrition I
· Diet and Nutrition II
· Ethics, legal first Air and CPR
· Herbology
· Disease Prevention & Wellness
· Hydrotherapy
· Mind Body Spiritual Connection
· Traditional Hawaiian Papa ‘Ili'Ili Medical Theory I
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Massage I
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Massage II
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Massage III
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au Massage IV
· Hawaiian Po'o Cervical & Kekala Sacral
· Integration and Review – PT/CT Compassionate Healing Health Care
· Hawaiian Lymphatic Massage
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Deep Neuromuscular Therapy I
· Ho'oponopono & Spiritual Connection I
· Ho'oponopono & Spiritual Connection II
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Breath of Ha Therapy I
· Supervised Clinical Injury Care Experience
· Hawaiian LomiLomi Reflexology Massage & Body Mechanics
· Injury Care
· Compassionate Patient Care Across the Life Span
· La'au Lapa'au & Spiritual Connection I
· La'au Lapa'au & Spiritual Connection II

In addition to the 750-hour Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au program, four advanced programs in Lapa'au will be offered. These four programs are for those Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au (HLLC) graduates that have an aptitude and deep desire to serve their community and wish to obtain a broader base of knowledge in traditional Native Hawaiian healing



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