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"Breath of Ha" Life Force Mana

The Anatomy the human body is comprised of five layers or coverings of the soul.

These are layers of the body that vibrate at different frequencies, with the gross/physical layer being the smallest and vibrating the slowest. The layers gradually increase in size; the larger layer permeate the smaller ones with the bliss layer being the largest, most subtle and of the highest vibration.

The wise practice of Kahuna Lapa'au Wisdom; Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditation and deep Breath of Ha Therapy involves all five layers. Observe and note that the layers are not the soul, and pertain to the energies and aspects of the five elements, mind, intellect and ego. Development of awareness of the five layers in your daily life creates Lokahi (Harmony) and Pono (center).

Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditations, Breath of Ha Therapy and practice can be rewarding, educating and bring peace into your life. With sincere focus and practice of Lokahi Breath of Ha Meditations, Breath of Ha Therapy the mind gradually becomes awakened, enlightened and keen discrimination dawns and we find ourselves in Lokahi (centered) filled with harmony, happiness, peace and at ease in all situations.

With the Kino (body), Mana'o (mind), Uhane (spirit), Na'au (emotions) under peaceful control and not defining who we are, we can treat them as a precious possession of our inner child enabling us to reach higher states of consciousness.

Ka Leo 'O Na Kahuna Lapa'au 'O Hawai'i - Hale 'O Lono

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